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Acupuncture 针灸

There are many schools of thought around acupuncture techniques, and all have value depending on your unique clinical situation. I use different methods depending on your condition.  You may benefit from gentle distal needling, electrical stimulation acupuncture, ear acupuncture or local/tigger point/dry needling - called A Shi (阿是穴) points, a technique as old as acupuncture itself [1]. Sometimes a combination of methods can be used.

Acupuncture is the  practice of inserting very thin, solid, sterile needles into specifically located, vascularly rich, anatomical junctions of the body. The relaxing and energizing effect of acupuncture insertion releases chemicals to the muscles, spinal cord, brain, and other organs. These biochemical reactions help stimulate the immune system, release endogenous opioids, generate localized blood flow, and restore the connective tissue matrix to promote the body’s ability to relieve pain, heal and generate a sense of well being [2,3,4,5].

Acupuncture is a safe, beneficial documented medical technique in use for at least 2500 years that can provide symptomatic relief for many aliments [6]. Acupuncture is used for wellness care by hospitals, sports teams, militaries, cancer centers, fertility centers and others across the world. [7]

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