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Typical treatment course length:

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments tend to be cumulative in nature. Each treatment often adds an effect to the last - helping the body remember its inherent healthy state. 

Patients often notice improvement after initial acupuncture visit, or their first cup of herbal tea. Many acute conditions can be addressed within three to four treatments. Often chronic, long term illnesses, the first four to five treatments will give an indication of benefit and effect.

After about 12 visits, the natural healing function of the body is often refreshed and many clients report longer-term symptomatic alleviation.  

Further appointments are scheduled based on the nature of your condition.

As Chinese medicine is individualized medicine, you may find you need less treatments or more treatments depending on your response. 

For this reason for any condition, it is ideal to come in once a week for the first 4 to 6 weeks, and then often visits can be spread out with less frequency.

Many clients seek on-going treatment, not for just a specific symptom, but for prevention, stress reduction, boosting immune function, reducing dependence on pharmaceutical treatments (with participation of primary care providers) and a daily greater sense of overall wellness.

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