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Moxibustion 针灸

I love the comfortable, warm, and relaxing somatic state that moxibustion and infrared heat therapies create in the body. To create this therapeutic infrared heat - traditionally, aged mugwort is lit is burned like incense to warm specific areas on the body. Research shows that infrared therapy and moxibustion help heal wounds, provide pain relief, improve immune response and increase local circulation. [1, 2, 3]

This ancient medical treatment is often used as a compliment or instead of acupuncture. Some historians believe moxibustion therapy pre-dates acupuncture. Similar kinds of heat therapy have been used historically in Tibetan, Mongolian, American Indian, Ayurvedic, and European folk medicine [4].


Your treatment may include different forms of direct and indirect moxibustion, herbal patches and infrared heat lamps. Often, moxibustion is prescribed as take home therapy. Sessions can include education on the safe use of moxibustion such as the clinically researched breech baby presentation treatment. [5]

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