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“With his extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine, Matt was able to help me a great deal with boosting my immunity to reduce travel-induced colds and flu, allowing me to fight off these minor illnesses. As someone who travels a lot, this was immensely helpful. Matt also helped me during a difficult period when I lost several family members. I had not previously known how acupuncture can be beneficial for emotional stress; his treatments improved my emotional state considerably. Matt has helped me immeasurably – not just with acupuncture but with knowledge in maintaining and improving overall health. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking acupuncture and other treatment.”

• Phillip S

“I can not imagine an acupuncturist providing more diligent, thoughtful, empathetic care. I have had migraines for ten years. Since I began treatment my headaches have been reduced dramatically. The daily neck pain I had been experiencing over the past two years has improved vastly, along with the angst that I was feeling over a change in my employment status. Thanks to Matt’s excellent care, wisdom, and empathy, I was even able to put that behind me, improving both my mental and physical health. A major part of my improved health has been due to the manner in which Matt delivers healthcare. Matt has giving me extra time when needed to ensure thorough individualized care.”

  • Josephine W

“Matt is a great acupuncturist and herbalist. He has helped me greatly with hot flashes and chronic insomnia. He is good at putting the all the different pieces together - kind and compassionate, listens well and does not take himself too seriously. I recommend him without reservation"

• Margaret M


“I do not know where I would be without Matt’s excellent, attentive & kind care while dealing with fertility issues. Through everything, there was one constant: I knew when I walked into the clinic, Matt would hear me, and understand me. Matt’s words were the one’s that mattered the most to me whenever I was going thru a period of anxiety or discomfort - and when I had positive news, Matt’s perspective made the biggest difference to me.”

• Alexandra G


“Matt Brookman has been providing me with excellent health advice for several years now.  Aside from his skill at acupuncture, he is a highly knowledgeable Chinese herbal specialist able to prescribe solutions that have helped me with my particular health challenges, such as Lyme disease showing as persistent knee pain, and angina which I have managed without invasive surgery for over 10 years, with the help of acupuncture.  I highly recommend Matt as a great source of alternative medicine to keep your body and mind well. "

• Andy G


“I have been a patient of Matt’s for over three years, and while I originally came to him for a tennis injury I have learned a great deal from him about the benefits of acupuncture and Chinese medicine not only for treating injuries and conditions but for improving overall wellbeing. At my first visit, Matt listened patiently and discussed with me the ways he thought best to treat me. Within a few visits, as he expected, the pain gradually dissipated. He also helped me greatly with subsequent issues caused by athletic activity, including using cupping and other methods that were very effective."

• Phillip S


“I have been a patient of Matt's for 10 years. I originally starting see him for migraines with which he greatly helped me. Over the years I have gone to him for a variety of ailments and also just for regular 'tune ups.' Matt has always listened carefully to me, addressed my concerns and supported my overall health. He is competent, professional and an integral part of my daily and long-term well being."

• Sally L


“Matt is a talented listener – of my words, my emotions and what my body may be saying. He approaches his work with wisdom and a deep desire to share his continued learning with his patients."

• Sharon F


“As a small business owner who must cope with the ups and downs of retail sales, the day to day issues were starting to take over my life. I needed to find some kind of solution for feeling overwhelmed by so much going on outside of my control. With Matt’s help I was able to get through the holidays in a much more manageable state. Acupuncture has made it possible for me to take a deep breath and let the issues pass. A side benefit from treatment has been the relief of physical ailments, some of which have been problematic for a long time, like a cramp in my right torso, and what I thought was arthritis in my right had has disappeared. Because of Matt, acupuncture will be a lifelong part of my wellness routine - and my employees have threatened to quit if I ever leave acupuncture."

• Dara C


“Not only did my shoulder pain disappear, Matt helped me discover a new way of healing and understanding my body. My whole life has improved tremendously since my first session with him. He'll teach you so much about your health and wellbeing, and you'll leave each session feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and pain-free!"

• Andrew R


“Matt’s skills as an acupuncturist and as a human being played a pivotal role in the early days of my stroke recovery. I always looked forward to his weekly treatments. Matt is patient, kind, gentle, compassionate and competent. My whole family benefitted from his vast knowledge."

• Paul M


“Matt Brookman is a most compassionate and empathic practitioner who brings his expertise of Chinese medicine, acupuncture and understanding of how body-mind-spirit work together via a functional wholistic integrated approach to health which produces a sense of wellBEING."

• David B


“Matthew is an extremely insightful acupuncturist and herbalist. He used a combination of assessment techniques to determine my needs. Early on in his treatment, he helped normalize my menstrual cycle which helped with my fertility goals. He also provided much needed, unique support, to help me with thyroid cancer. I highly recommend!"

• Jane S


“I sought Matthew’s help after being diagnosed with breast cancer and found acupuncture extremely helpful in restoring my energy level during and after radiation.  I continue regular treatments to address the underlying conditions that can lead to cancer.  While I continue to consult with my doctors every 6 months, there is no doubt that weekly visits with Matthew support me in my effort to restore my health and vitality in a more consistent way"

• Tabitha S


“I look forward to my weekly sessions because they are the only mechanism that has helped decrease and often eliminate the pain from my dislocated shoulder. Matt’s acupuncture session have made a major impact on my life. I appreciate Matt’s listening and ability to translate that into a treatment that address my needs. Acupuncture has brought calm to my busy life"

• Mark S

“Matthew helped me with both bell’s palsy and later the side effects of chemotherapy. The impact on my bell’s palsy was significant. The neurologist told me it would take six months to one year for treatment to be effective but with acupuncture there was no evidence of the palsy after one month of treatments. The treatment for the side effects of chemo also helped me. I can strongly recommend Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture treatments with Matthew"

• Barry N


"I've receiving herbal treatments with Matt for six months now. I arrived with a bunch of symptoms and complaints from back pain to blood sugar issues.  Many of which had been effecting my life for over ten years.  Today all of my issues are greatly improved.  Many no longer noticeable.  If you have been used to conveyer belt medicine,  the benefits you receive from Matt's approach will be immediately apparent to you.”

• Kevin R



"After only two treatments Matt helped me to resolve an intense hip pain that was limiting my mobility.  I recall driving home after my first treatment and experiencing a profound sense of clarity. As I drove down the highway I felt like I could see for miles in every direction with extreme sharpness and detail. In retrospect sensation was most surprising and rewarding consequence of treatment. Acupuncture has provided me with a sense of balance and self-control in dealing with difficult situations. Stress is a problem and acupuncture has helped to greatly maintain reasonable perspectives and composure. Advice from Matt have provided huge benefits to my sense of overall wellness. The treatments have gone beyond his careful placement of needles. Matt’s skillful listening and the sincerity of his intentions have provided the immeasurable support of friendship which I value as a true treasure."

• Miranda S

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