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Need treatment ASAP and can’t make it in for in-person appointments?

In early 2020 I started a telehealth practice to support former and new clients, who like me suddenly had to change their day to day because of COVID restrictions and school closures. This telemedicine practice allowed me to support my son who at the time was in 1st grade virtual school, and bring my acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice into the 21st century.


If you have access to the internet with your laptop, smartphone, or tablet I am able to provide convenient online appointments. We can also work by phone.  Some of the conditions I have helped my clients with are digestive issues, viral issues, common cold, sinus infections, fatigue, insomnia, blood sugar, cardiovascular health, food poisoning, back pain, shingles, genital herpes, hemorrhoids, depression/anxiety, menstrual regulation, male and female reproductive health, libido, allergies, multiple chemical sensitivities, headaches/migraines, and urinary incontinence.

Benefits of telemedicine include: formulation of custom Chinese herbal prescriptions, wellness education  in stress reduction techniques, home moxibustion, self acupressure,  self gua-sha, breathing exercises, movement exercises, mindfulness, dietary observation, correction, and nutritional supplementation.

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